Visual artist FOS is known for his design of structures that shape aesthetic and social experiences, from potteries to bars or stages in museums, on boats or in public.

On this album FOS employs a system of lamps created to co-compose and conduct an improvisation of sound. The ensemble of players subject to this system were assembled from a wide range of sonic worlds, making the soundscape on this recording a varied and un-classical improvisation.

The players are:
Adam Jeppsen – Sound effects / Anders P Jensen – Synth / Nikolaj Von Sild – Vocals / Rev. Freddie and Chiara Lee Father Murphy – Vocal etc. / Søren Kjærgaard – Piano & Synthesizer / Rune Kielsgaard – Sampler / Mads Heldtberg – Bass / Mikkel Hess – Drums / Nils Gröndahl – Violin / Harriet Wheller – Violin / Henrik Vibskov – Drums / Oliver Hoiness – Keys and guitar / Synd og skam – Band / Nis Bysted – Guitar / Thomas FOS Poulsen – Keyboard

FOS says about Small White Man: “Compare this to a social event where an architectural frame establishes the cultural values and costumes. What sets it off into what is impossible to calculate is each participant’s references and reactions to the situation, and others re-reactions leading it into a myriad of causalities. Nothing becomes something by itself”.

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