‘ponderponder.’ is an ambient and melancholy electronic music project, by danish artist Sebastian Køster.

‘Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of others’ stories, rather than my own.’

In the past Køster has been behind the scenes on several music projects, roamed in many different genres, travelled to many countries to experience the underground scene, in search of his own sound.

Apparatus is his first album, 4 years in the making. Creating sound with imagery and telling different stories that are open to interpretation. The name for the album is ‘Machine’ in latin, the telling of stories from his own life experiences and perspectives in the world we are living in today. Ahead of the release ponderponder has released five videos to accompany the album. Check out all videos on the ponderponder YouTube channel.

Coming from the underground of electronic music in Copenhagen, he wasn’t really satisfied with what it had to offer. So he travelled to France, where he tried out different sub-cultures to find his style, including performing at multiple venues. Moving to Paris formed a lot for him in terms of becoming confident with the sound that he created and became, ‘ponderponder.’ The name stands for what you can learn from listening to others stories and what it shows to speculate over things that necessarily Don’t have to do with you. Learning to view from as many perspectives as possible and being open minded, is beautiful.

The red thread is the symbolism used in his music videos, but also the sound that’s created in the same category of melancholy and reflects on the hard times that have also been important in his life. Apparatus is a story told by everyone and no one.

Apparatus will be released on streaming services the 31st of august.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ponderpondermusic/

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