Tribute to one of the greatest years in Glamrock history! With their third single, the Danish glam rock band SilverGlam sends their greetings to 1974; one of the great years in Glamrock History back when glam and glitter rock really dominated the playlists and sounded from any radio around the world. Could it be / like the past we knew However it goes / like a blast in the shows Whatever it feels / up on the heels Knows nostalgia 1974 / looking for more The love is great! The longing greater! And SilverGlam hits the spirit and the atmosphere from 1974 right on the nail with their authentic sound. Reminding us of whenSweet recorded their hit records Teenage Rampage and The Six-Teens. WhenSlade recorded The Bangin ‘Man, Everyday and Far Far Away. When Suzi Quatro took the lead with Devil Gate Drive and The Wild One And David Bowie gave us the unforgettable opening line from Rebel Rebel: “You’ve got your mother in a whirl / she’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl”. There are so many good things to remember for old listeners!And even more to explore for the young when you listen to SilverGlam’s new single and video, because the song ’74 is the sound of 1974. SilverGlam’s two previous singles, Moonlight In Baskerville and the Christmas song No One Waits Till Christmas,have done extremely well on international glamrock sites and playlists. And equal to these songs a remarkable video has also been produced for ’74, in which the band’s guardian angel Salem plays the leading role. SilverGlam is formed by City X ‘drummer Gert Oestrich and also consists of Elsebeth G. Jensen (vocals), Thomas Carstensen (vocals), Henrik Botoft (guitar) and Henrik Christiansen (bass), and in ’74 also Peter Peter (guitar ). ’74 is a precursor to SilverGlam’s debut album The Glamrock Sessions Vol. 1, which will be released during 2022. A Rockvilla Production – January 2022.

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