‘Rollelisten fra the Cosby Show’ (‘The Cast from the Cosby Show+) is Atomfax’ pop-avantgardistic sequel to the critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Meconium’ from 2012. Klaus Lynggaard in the Danish newspaper Information called it “glorious offbeat music from far out on a compass” which, according to Berlingske was “a pleasing example of the willingness and ability to go at it alone, which accounts for Danish rock right now.” In the new release, the band has refined their unique style of play that had already been discerned on the Nikolaj Norlund-produced debut EP. The album was produced in collaboration with punk and producer legend Per Buhl Acs, who was part of the legendary punk band No Knox and among other things has worked with bands like Synd & Skam (‘Sin & Shame’) and Pere Ubu.


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