WITH NEU SIERRA’S UPCOMING SINGLE ‘FOR THE LAST TIME’, it’s hard to tell if we’re going to a party or headed for our graves. “Well, you can listen to it on your way to both“ teases the Copenhagen singer/songwriter when asked about the new bleak and syrupy track.

Born and baptized in the wake of the original Copenhagen punk scene, the raw and gloomy streets echo in Neu Sierra’s sensuous and poetic music. With one part grace, one part filth and one part autoharp, Neu Sierra fuses sparse elements to create grand soundscapes.

“You close your eyes but still sense light You haven’t really closed your eyes”

“It’s about the feeling of clarity as you’re moving towards something important or final, and it’s also a way to remind myself that no matter how dark everything gets, there’s always a little bit of light.” tells Neu Sierra.

Since the fall release of her previous single ‘Dirty Me’, it has been rotating on Danish national radio as is currently one of most played tracks of the station. Premier Danish music magazine Gaffa highlighted it as “Best right now” describing it as a “folkish and gloomy song about abuse, channeling equal parts Nico and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds”.

Neu Sierra debut EP ‘Sulphur & Molasses’ is out in the spring of 2021 via FIVE FOOT ONE Records

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