Grandiose Lo-fi

“It’s a song about being fucked in your sleep” tells Neu Sierra about ‘Dirty Me’, lead single off her upcoming EP ‘Sulphur and Molasses’.

I’ve been with you In your dreams Lucky you
Dirty Me

“Well, you can take it as literally as you want – it’s about losing the narrative of your own body, and that can happen in a lot of ways” she adds.

I don’t regret
Cause I don’t remember

Listen to “Dirty Me” here.

Born and baptized in the wake of the original Copenhagen punk scene, the raw and gloomy streets echo in Neu Sierra’s sensuous and poetic music. With one part grace, one part filth and one part autoharp Neu Sierra fuses sparse elements to create grand soundscapes. Her dark and warm voice has led her to work with heavyweights such as Mike Stern, Nouvelle Vague and Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes. ‘Dirty Me’ is Neu Sierra’s debut as a solo artist and is out on FIVE FOOT ONE Records.


Music and lyrics: Neu Sierra

Vocals and Autoharp: Neu Sierra Guitar and Bass guitar: Nils Lassen Drums: Tomas Ortved

Production: Nils Lassen Mastering: Tommy Steuer

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