Music By Idiots – Bid for bid

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Music By Idiots is art rock´n roll to a degenerate world. Atonal riffs, cut-ups and repetitive guitar in free form and loose control.

“Bid for bid” is the second single from the forthcoming album Tiden lyver, out march 2021, and follow up on the excellent first single “Sønderskudt”.

Stream here

The album is produced by Nis Bysted (Iceage, Liss and Speaker Bite Me) and Anders Rex.

The prime movers behind Music By Idiots are Jan Kroman and Anders Rex.

Anders Rex has recently worked on the 2020 re-mastered edition of The Bleeder Group monumental album Sunrise, where he contribute guitar, lyrics and vocals. In addition to this Rex has been the driving force of danish acts Svartbag and Rex Kyed.

The other members of Music By Idiots are:

Mads Lassen (Shiny Darkly, Motorique), Tobias Bendixen (Big Mess, Septage) and Jan Kromann (Decorate Decorate, Bug Chaser).

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