Debut album ‘Primal Hymns’ by Danish no-wavers Leizure is out along with an eerie video for the track ‘Nightmare’!

Listen to the album here:

The nine-track album is recorded with equal parts prehistoric rumbling and exquisite musicality. It’s loud, it’s avant-garde, and you can even (almost) sing along to it. The album’s second track ‘Nightmare’ is fast-paced, bestial and surprisingly catchy. “It’s a horror story from the perspective of the evildoer, who just happens to be a voyeuristic stalker.” says lead singer and lyricist Zakarias Sanderson about the track ‘Nightmare’.


Vocals: Zakarias Sanderson
Guitar: Mathias Gørtz
Bass: Jonas Frantzen
Saxophone, piano and Choir: Arshia Kadkhodaei
Drums and percussion: Oskar Bertelsen

Recorded in Copenhagen at Black Tornado Studios, July 2019
Engineered by Mathias Bang Madsen

Mixed by Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne
Mastering by Carl Saff

Leizure - Primal Hymns - 12" Vinyl
Primal Hymns by Leizure is out now and 12″ vinyl is coming soon


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