True Nord – Feels So Nice (2017)

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Director & Editor: Troelz Schmidt
Co-writer: Pia Berg

Soldier 1: David Høyer
Soldier 2: Adam Buratowski
Man: Michael Lucas
Woman: Julie Kristensen
Girl: Maria Mazanti
Pedestrian 1: Kristian Riis
Pedestrian 2: René Tagelund
On Screen Singer: Ilanguaq David Lumholt
On Screen Walker: Kristoffer Schmidt
On Screen Shooting Hands: Mika Vandborg
Woman: Laura Christensen

Music Credits:
True Nord: Kristian Riis, René Munk Thalund
Mix & Master: Carsten Heller
Vocals: Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds)
Drums: Leah Shapiro (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

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