Moral – Dance of the Dolls (1984)

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Moral was formed in Århus around 1981. The group released it’s debut cassette in late 1981 on Ingolf Browns cassettelabel Ådsel Service. His label also released the groups second cassette which was released during the summer of 1982. The group played very few concerts, but played support for both Monochrome Set and Nico. In 1983 they had 3 tracks released on the sampler-lp Somewhere On The Outside, released by Irmgardz including only groups from outside of Copenhagen. The groups only lp And Life Is… was released in 1984 on Ingolfs label ARP Records. The group dissolved in 1985.

Dance Of The Dolls – MC 1981 – Ådsel Service
Whispering Sons – MC 1982 – Ådsel Service
Somewhere Outside (3 tracks on compilation) – LP 1983 – Irmgardz
And Life Is… – LP 1984 – ARP
And Life Is…And More – CD 2007 – Karma

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