MØ – Final Song (Video Version) (2016)

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Mø’s MNEK-produced “Final Song” is a bubbly summer pop banger waiting for its moment in the sun. It’s one step closer with a new, CinemaScope-style video directed by Tomas Whitmore. In the spirit of her last clip, for the Diplo-produced “Kamikaze,” “Final Song” finds Denmark’s Karen Marie Ørsted front and center with her dance crew (and a snake). This time, though, the setting is a vast, mountainous desert, the weather is sunny, and Mø has learned to levitate.

“I really wanted this video to tell the story of being reconnected with your inner strength — that spark within you that keeps you going,” Mø said in a statement. “I wanted it to illustrate what the song means to me: from being fragile; to surrendering to the open space; to slowly regaining your power; before demanding the spirit-animal come back to you. It’s different from my previous videos — it’s a bit more spiritual and fragile — but I think it’s important to change sometimes, and especially when the song calls for a soul searching moment.”

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