The Bowdashes – Copenhagen Goldrush (2016)

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The Bowdashes - Copenhagen Gold Rush - Artwork


Out of gloomy Copenhagen with a thundering, yet romantic sound of frontier Dodge City covered in neon lights, come The Bowdashes.

While The Bowdashes is still a new project, the members are clearly not new to the stage or to each other. In previous projects, Linn Holm and Nana Nørgaard have worked with Gordon Gano(Violent Femmes), German production duo Ancient Astronauts, as well as French Bossa Nova heroes Nouvelle Vague, and have also had an album selected for La sélection FIP.

In collaboration with Jean von Baden (DJ/Producer) and Mads ‘Mashti’ Nordheim (of legendary Danish punk bands ADS and Before), the duo has discovered their dark sound of rock and folk-wave incorporating insistent drums, deep bass drones and raspy western guitars.

Their first single “Copenhagen Goldrush” is set for release the 6th of June 2016 on This Recording Company.

The single is featuring prominent danish and international artists such as Steen Jørgensen (SortSol), Stine Hjelm Jacobsen (Electric Lady Lab), Jonas Wetterslev (The Entrepeneurs), Nick Lee (Ulige Numre) and Dave Smoota Smith (TV On The Radio).

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