Kasper Bjørke – Kalopsia (2014)

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Kasper Bjørke is without a doubt one of the most renowned and versatile Danish contributors to the international electronic music scene and the longest serving member of our little shipyard. Since 1999 his releases span over labels such as Eskimo, Mirau, Compost Black Label, Plant and of course hfn, most recently Kaspers third studio-album ‚Fool‘ (2012) and the compilation Remix Crusades (2013). In 2013 Kasper also joined forces with bass player/singer/ DJ Jon Atli Helgasson aka Sexy Lazer of Human Woman as the outfit The Mansisters and released their debut ’Phone Home EP’ on My Favorite Robot. Their new ‚Bullschnitzel EP’ is out now on Jennifer Cardini’s label Correspondant Records. Constantly in creative motion Kasper is currently recording material for his 4th solo release. You’ll find the new exclusive Kasper Bjorke track ‚Kalopsia‘ on the ‚dock1‘ compilation released today. [Source]


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