Ashibah – Game Over (2014)

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Ashibah is acknowledged and respected for her distinctive sound and funky style as a DJ, and in short time she has succeded in working her way into the heart of the cool underground music crowd and conquering the Copenhagen club scene incl. the hip and trendy Simons Club, TS Bar, Raw Music Festival, Distortion Music Festival and much more. Furthermore, Ashibah has built up a strong name in Egypt and today she is a resident DJ at several clubs. While DJ’ing all over Copenhagen, Ashibah has always spent her free time singing and exploring ways in which she could combine her vocals with her electronic music. One of the ways she realized this ambition, was by including electronic tracks with vocals into her DJ sets and performing the vocals herself. As one of the first DJ’s to do this in Copenhagen, Ashibah’s performances hastily initiated a range of collaborations with DJ’s who were eager to use her tuneful and clean vocals.


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