Laid Back – Sunshine Reggae (1982)

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Sunshine reggae is a subgenre which is said to bring the “tropical vibes”. It is mostly played with a positive or cheerful attitude. This music is played around tropical hotels and resorts. The term “sunshine reggae” didn’t come from a single idea, but of many ideas that had close ideas. Many cds that played tropical forms of reggae had the word reggae on it (i.e. reggae and sun, reggae sun splash, etc.). A reggae festival in Jamaica called Reggae Sunsplash also had a similar idea. The Danish band Laid Back made a song titled “Sunshine Reggae” with a tropical-feel, and since then, most tropical styled reggae has been known as Sunshine Reggae. Ever since reggae defined itself as a pop genre, and it became popular, reggae was one of the most known genres of the Caribbean. People began to play reggae all over the Caribbean, and local reggae bands started to play reggae that went along with the background, and eventually started to play reggae songs to play along with a tropical feel.


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