Thulebasen – Forever Grinning (2012)

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Music Video by Malthe Fischer (of Oh No Ono). “Forever Grinning” was released worldwide, digitally and in only 500 copies on a transparent 12″, through the Danish label Tambourhinoceros (Iceage, Treefight For Sunlight) and the Norwegian label Splendour (Siinai, 120 Days) on March 26, 2012. The EP contains remixes by Eric Copeland, Gala Drop, Lucky Dragons, Hhappiness, and Lamburg Tony. Five of Thulebasen’s friends, dotted across the map, have submitted remixes for the six-track EP: Eric Copeland in New York, Hhappiness in Stockholm, Lucky Dragons in LA, Lamburg Tony in Grindsted, and Gala Drop in Lisbon. “Forever Grinning” is the culmination of these two parallel threads pursued in Thulebasen’s music: straight-up rock melodies alongside exploration and freedom.


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