Kristina Renée – Sorrow Knows (2012)

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Sorrow Knows is written by Kristina Renée and Frederik Nordsøe Schjoldan.

Produced by: Frederik Tao
Co-produced by: Fridolin Nordsøe & Kristina Renée

Vocals: Kristina Renéé, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, Trine Jørck Petersen, Veronika Kröell Voetmann
Guitar: Lasse Boman
Cello: Veronika Kröell Voetmann
Piano: Aske Bode
All other instruments: Frederik Tao & Fridolin Nordsøe
Vocal recordings: Jonathan Elkjær
Mixed and mastered by: Rune Rask

All rights reserved: Kristina Renée / Sony Music Denmark 2012


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