Music for Lovers – Sea of Love

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Music for Lovers is a romantic encounter of voices singing songs about love, devotion and despair — not the easy love — but the endless love, the love that hurts, the love that makes you want to live and sometimes die.

Music for Lovers is Helene Navne and Anders Rex, each have been performing in various music projects through time (Troln, Spinkel, Music by Idiots, Rex/Kyed, Svartbag, Bleeder).

In Music for Lovers, they join their voices and visions to interpret some of the best love songs ever written.

It’s as corny and serious as it gets.

A handful of songs have already been rearranged for the two voices, are being recorded, and soon will be released to reach and please any hungry, satisfied or solitary heart out there.

The first single is “Sea of Love” — a quite unique and original take on this one – hit -wonder classic by Phil Phillips, and it is said that Helene’s mum shed a little tear on her first listen — so it seems — mission accomplished.

Listen here.

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