Stripped Down is taken from the album Second Skin released April 24th 2020 on Bad Afro Records. Director of Photography / Editor: Yasser Yassin. Producer: Steffan Rimmer. Actor: Yasmin Elisabeth Sundoo.

The video of Stripped Down was fuelled by the kind of feelings you hold on to when surrounded by nothing but hopelessness.

When you’ve somehow reached a new kind of depth inside of yourself.

Left alone. In a crowd of people.

We all try to fit in somewhere. To be someone. It’s the kind of survival mechanism we’re born with.

Then we grow to compete and often loose ourselves in this battlefield they call life.

Living our lives searching for something that often seem out of our control, so we stock up on materialistic goods and put on our masks to compensate and get through.

The visual story of this video came to us. Then along came this song and we instantly knew they belonged together. Sometimes these things just happen.

But it’s never for you to decide.

Strip Down. Peel of your skin. Be free.

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