Nathav – Er Det Blod (Chopper & Yung Carlitos Remix) (2016)

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The name Nathav is Danish for night ocean. The solo-project of Mathilde Lunderskov hits like a tsunami, towing a flood of traffic accidents, brutal murders, love and war, and a touch of the unbearable lightness of being. The debut album Nathav was released in August 2015 on the indie label Target , and ever since the sea has set in motion. Mathilde Lunderskov who previously played in critically acclaimed bands such as Lovebites, Blake and Umatic has embarked upon her first solo project Nathav. The combination of her crystal-clear voice and the dark electronic soundscapes that surrounds her, has already broken the surface in her homeland, and led to heavy rotation on local and national radio stations. Enigmatic pop, balancing on the edge of the abyss – disturbingly understated, Nathav is telling ominous stories from the depths.

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