Reverie – Scorpion Wind (2015)

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“Bliss” is by our favourite young death metal band, Reverie. The nine track full length is death metal as it should be. Raw, uncompromising, hard-hitting and adventurous.

Join the release reception at Hovedbiblioteket, Krystalgade 15, Copenhagen from 18.30. Reverie will play live.

Escho is also releasing the fantastic cassette titled “O.S.M.” (Operation Space Magic) by composers Arjan Miranda and Mads Heldtberg tomorrow. A soundtrack for interstellar communication combining outsider new age music and obscure science fiction soundscapes.

Listen to “Scorpion Wind” track from the O.S.M. cassette.

Order LP edtion of “Bliss” by Reverie
Order the O.S.M. tape

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