Rolexkopi – Jetset Sigøjnerliv (2015)

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“My Rolex is fake, but my soul is real,” shouts Claudio in the break after the first hook. “I’m the boss of the street and if you’re gonna hang with us, you need a tough heart!” He’s fucked over everyone in the slums of Chile in the Andes, been homeless in New York, and now he’s here – in a Nørrebro studio with Rolexkopi. The four tried and true hip hoppers that make up Rolexkopi bow down to the God that is “funk” and know that the only commandment of rap is that there are no commandments. Rolexkopi IS the street. The side street. The backyard. The dive bar. The after party to the after party. The last uncensored voice from the reality which surrounds us, whether we want to admit it or not. [Source]

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