WhoMadeWho – Heads Above (2014)

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After the release of “Dreams” in March 2014, Danish trio WhoMadeWho has been playing intensely across Europe. After a sold out German tour in the Spring, the band returned in October for another 5 day run and decided to bring a video director with them on the bus to document the shows. Catching glimpses and memorable moments from the crowd, on stage as well as back stage, director Jonas Band has managed to capture the feel-good vibe that seems to follow WhoMadeWho across the world. A live-band you’ll know by the trail of smiles they leave behind.

This live video features the sound of the album track, “Heads Above” and with this footage, it’s the first time WhoMadeWho produces an official live video that shows them on and behind stage – both things seem equally fun! About the video and touring life the band adds:

“It’s a very intense feeling being on stage and feeling the energy from a lot of happy people, but often when we are on stage we also have to focus on actually making the concert work, so it was very touching to se Jonas’ slow-motion captures of our amazing audience at the concerts through Europe. It’s almost surreal to be sitting in a studio making a song and then see it growing from a rough demo to a single and then a year later standing on a stage and watching people screaming along to the lyrics. That’s when you know that you have done something right as a band. We’re very honored that we have succeded to being a band for over 10 years and being lucky enough to experience a growing crowd in most parts of the world.”

Director Jonas Bang was giving the job to capture the band’s live performances and the vibe on the road:

“It’s not necessarily easy to make a picturesque tour film. It demands a huge amount of planning and you have to be at the right spot at the right time. When all footage is in, the amount of editing work and selection is extreme. But with the generosity, energy and love that flows around WhoMadeWho and crew, that job did become way easier. It’s a pleasure to work with a group with such live experience and you know that it has required years of hard work and lots of touring to get to this point .”

So, please go watch and enjoy Whomadewho’s video for “Heads Above”, we hope the smiles will also make it passed the screen.


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