The Cabin Project – Come Rain (2014)

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The two singers / composers Kira Skov and Marie Fisker have joined forces in a new constellation named The Cabin Project. As both well-established solo artists with each their own productions this new joint project is set for release 1st of September 2014. In the spring of 2013 they went to Canada’s deep forests to isolate themselves in a cabin for 9 days with Oliver Hoiness (guitar) and Ned Ferm (sax). Here they recorded an album in collaboration with the legendary engineer and producer Mark Howard, best known for his 23 -year partnership with Daniel Lanois (Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Iggy Pop, Neil Young …). The result is a deep, raw and soulful album. Roots of the classical songwriting like L. Cohen infused by playfulness and a unique futuristic dare.

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