Røde Mor – Grillbaren (1973)

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Røde Mor (“Red Mother”) is a Danish artist collective with a declared socialist standpoint. The collective music group existed from 1969 to 1978 and was resurrected in 2002. The group was from the start the trio of Troels Trier who sang, Lars Trier on guitar and Ole Thilo on piano. The intially performed at gallery openings. Røde Mor was really a group of artists who in the 1968 spirit joined together to form an artists collective. In 1971, when the group released an LP, Rock Ork, the group consisted of Michael Boesen, guitar, Jens Asbjørn Olesen, accordion and piano, Poul Poulsen, bass and vocals, Lars Trier, guitar and banjo and Troels Trier, guitar, violin, harmonica and singing. In the beginning, the driving force was the protest against the Vietnam War. Their specialty was protest songs. Their most famous album was Hjemlig Hygge (“Domestic Bliss”) from 1976.


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