Thomas Helmig – Så Lover Jeg (2013)

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KH Helmig is the fifteenth studio album by the Danish singer and songwriter Thomas Helmig, which was released on 1 November 2013. It was published four years after the commercial success with the album Tommy Boy (2009), which is the longest period that elapsed between two albums. The genesis of KH Helmig was characterized by an organic recording process and the album’s lyrics revolve around themes of time, love and death. The album was announced on 20 October 2012 on the singer’s Facebook page. The first single, “Så Lover Jeg” (“Then I Promise”) was released on 21 October. The song is about betting on another human being, “It’s a very personal song that is all about being lost, and hope that there is someone who can save someone, or taking care of one, and then in return the promise that if you can do that, then there is nothing I will not do the other way”.


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