Mono Girl is none other than Kristina Kristoffersen, singer of the band Spurv Lærke, with her dark solo project. The Danish artist has dreamed of a fairytale world in which she lives and gets involved in mysterious and mystical stories. The flattering and fascinating themes are often described as somewhere between Björk and Portishead with its starry, sparkling, “breathy” vocals that Kristina live, through external effects elegantly puts into delay loops and Hall tirades. Mono Girl on stage means that the sometimes theatrical-style, enchanted, winking and devastatingly charming music literally comes to life through artistic stage projections. Music, pictures, movements and materials create a movie-like, hypnotic atmosphere and mingle with the dazzling pop appeal, graceful, melancholic moods and danceable soundscapes.


Live in Berlin on Thursday October 31, 2013! Get tickets here!

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