Yuksek feat. Oh Land – Last of Our Kinds (2013)

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French electronic music producer and DJ, Yuksek, launches his label Partyfine with a debut EP on May 13th.

Independency is a key word for Partyfine – the will to participate in every production level of an artist from recording and mixing, to mastering and distribution, to the location of the label, Yuksek’s studio in Reims (France). Far from any style diktat, one of Partyfine’s aims is to present Yuksek’s diverse musical tastes including disco, electro, indie and club.

Beyond all, Partyfine was born to gather a family of talented musicians who could collaborate together around a defined concept using their own backgrounds and desires, releasing great music and throwing down some serious parties.

Yuksek explains: “The label is a natural extension of my past years where I have produced for other artists. I met many of Partyfine’s collaborators this way (JD Samson, The Magician, Oh Land, Juveniles etc) and just felt like extending the experience, writing music with them, not just for them”.

The first release of the label is the result of an encounter in New York with pop Danish singer and producer Oh Land, and an extension of the collaboration with French electro-pop band Juveniles, whose debut album Yuksek is producing.

The EP will also feature remixes from Michael Garcon (AS Dragon), Sam Tiba (Club Cheval) and DJ-producer Kasper Bjørke.


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