Reptile Youth – Heart Blood Beat (2013)

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Following on from the “A Flash In The Forest”-video and looking forward to the second part of the extensive “Shooting Up Sunshine” Live-tour, Reptile Youth continue with their ambitions video project.

The band asked 10 different directors to produce music videos for each of the 10 songs on their debut album “Reptile Youth” which was released in autumn last year.

The latest video is for the song “Heart Blood Beat” and part of an art experiment presenting a story told in three different ways – using three different outputs; a videoinstallation, a shortfilm and a musicvideo.

Lil Wachmann (The Jutland Art Academy) is mainly dealing with two subjects: the traditional film narrative and generation portraits.
Using her main film sources, Harmony Korine’s Gummo and Joachim Trier’s Oslo, 31. August, she portrays her own decade as a ninety-kid. This is why the story is set in the 90s and in her hometown Aarhus. “I sense some kind of mutual feel in my generation” says Lil, “I’m still not sure what – that’s what I’m investigating in my videos. It’s some sort of numbness towards the outworld and at the same time a feeling of restlessness, because there’s nothing to fight for. Nowhere.”


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