Schultz and Forever – Sociopathic Youth (2013)

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Back from Scandinavia in september 2012, Cracki Records had the pleasure to introduce you to its new discovery, the Danish band Schultz & Forever, lead by the 18-year-old prodigy Jonathan Schultz.

 His intense voice strolls through the meanders of the Gudenå and is stroked by ubiquitous strings, with winding, enchanting sonorities.

When we invited Jonathan Schultz on an inspirational journey to Paris, to play concerts and write and record a new EP, some of his songs were already known, like ‘Falling‘ – #1 title on the Danish radio P3- and reviewed by some important music webistes and German media (Umag, the german Rolling Stone, Nordic By Nature…), all seduced by the band’s performance. Discovered thanks to Spot Festival in Aarhus (Denmark), he then played at the famous Berlin Music Week and some other festivals in Europe.

So Jonathan honored us by leaving his landscapes’ opaline whiteness to come to Paris for a few days and record an inevitably beautiful release. Exciting bet : within just a few days, it ended up with this beautiful record called ‘Céline‘,wild and atypical folk music.

∞ Céline EP \\ Cracki Records
~ download :

~ video ∞ Powerclap \\
~ recording & mix ∞ Studio 33
~ {cracki006} ∞ more on &


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