Solveig Sandnes – Kære Drømmetyder (2013)

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Solveig Sandnes is a Danish singer and songwriter. She is a former member of the band Lovebites. She is best known for her song “Marie”, from her debut album Analog. It was an international hit, mostly on the Japanese and Southeast Asian pop charts during the summer of 1999. The song went to No. 1 in Japan. The song was written about her sister and has a catchy radio melody. In 2000, Sandnes released the follow up to Analog, Vagabond Squaw, which was released in Japan under Victor Entertainment. Her music can be described as Swede-pop, akin to the catchy melodic pop of The Cardigans. Solveig frequently collaborates with veteran engineer Tore Johansson. [Source]


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