Love Shop – Mestrene fra syndens by (2013)

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*** UPDATE! Love Shop to play Danish Radio Concert Hall on September 5, 2013. Get your tickets here. ***

Exclusive outtake from the Love Shop album Skandinavisk Lyst released as a blog single on NEWMUSIC.DK January 29, 2013.

Buy the album on iTunes here and as an MP3 album on Amazon here. Listen to the album on Spotify here, TDC Play here, and WiMP here. Watch Love Shop live – see current tour dates and buy tickets here and here.

Buy the album on vinyl here.


Er vi de brådne kar
lady fallen star
mestrene fra syndens by
glæden ved at glædes påny
Vil euforisk chok
kunne tage os ned i flok
frihed som fra himlen sendt
frydefuld og dekadent
Er vi live and let die
hver speedet lullaby
mestrene fra syndens by
glæden ved at glædes påny
Vil euforisk chok
kunne give dig mere end nok
copypaste af minimum max
skarp som en enarmet saks

Composed by Unmack-Damgaard/Unmack.


Listen to the first, ‘real’ single Skyggehjerte here.

Local press about this blog single:

You are free to share this work under the Creative Commons license with the following text attached: “Composed by Unmack-Damgaard/Unmack. Courtesy: First published as a blog single on”.

Read more here:
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

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