Eggs Laid By Tigers – Clown In The Moon (2012)

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”I wrote wonderfully original things, like eggs laid by tigers.” – Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

So, that’s where the name comes from … and where it’s is heading to is here: Eggs Laid By Tigers is a wonderfully original band. Period.

The eclectic-acoustic, electrified analog Eggs Laid By Tigers sound defies easy categorization, which is just about the best thing you say about a musical group nowadays. And their lyrics are just about as good as you can get, because they are the startling, radiant, witty, surreal, and miraculous verse poetry of Dylan Thomas himself.

The amazing (and almost alchemical) thing about this pop-art project is that the three central singing and composing Eggs (Peter Bruun, Martin Dahl, and Jonas Westergaard) plus their five other like-minded sidemen, somehow rise to the high-spirited and deeply moving occasion of these great works of literature.

Hear for yourself as Eggs Laid By Tigers playfully and profoundly reel off a dizzying sequence of intimate epics, pagan hymns, funereal folk songs, blasphemous psalms, erotic ballads, stumbling waltzes, profane gospels, and sepulchral lullabies.

Mere journalistic genre signifiers like rock, jazz, folk, trad, and acid are all rendered useless (and exit weeping) when faced with the undiluted body-brain joy that an Eggs Laid By Tigers recording or concert inspires. They and their songs are, at turns, painful, funny, rousing, touching, naughty, dreamy, and brilliant … and sometimes all at the same time.

Or as Dylan Thomas might say: ”Your pain shall be a music in your string / And fill the mouths of heaven with your tongue / Your pain shall be oh my unborn / A vein of mine made fast by me”

BANDMEMBERS: Jonas Westergaard, Martin Ullits Dahl, Peter Bruun.

TEXT BY: Dylan Thomas (27.10.1914- 9.11.1953)

MUSICIANS: Simon Toldam, Anders Banke, Jakob Munck, Jimmy Nyborg.


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