Andrea Pellegrini & Tanja Zapolski – MILFs, Cum and Schopenhauer (Composed by Martin Hall) (2012)

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“MILFs, Cum and Schopenhauer” is taken from the forthcoming album IF POWER ASKS WHY, a series of new Martin Hall songs recorded by mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini and classical pianist Tanja Zapolski (piano and string arrangement by Alexander Zapolski). The album is set for release in October 2012. The video is made by the Danish photographer Robin Skjoldborg, produced by Martin Hall and edited by Henrik Möll. Special thanks to Shoshan and The Court Theatre.

You can order the record and/or read much more about the project here:

English text:
Danish version:



What a wonderful mixture of glamour and pain
In a room with the rich and the famous, the useless and vain
People reading each other like price tags, oh what a game
First the artist’s a painter that drinks, then a wino that paints

Give me MILFs and cum and Schopenhauer any day of the week
Give me white bread and dark beer to avoid more of this

Luciferian figures and shemales wherever you go
Plastic spoons on a table that’s covered with traces of snow
Someone lights up a swaggering reefer, look at him choke
Hear the sound of your brain cells go “pop” by the smell of the smoke

Better check the urban dictionary, the guy is out of hand
His excitement and vocabulary need coordinated plans

Remember that song
They used to play everywhere we went
At airports, in homes
From Zurich to Munich
Girls pulling off their panties
Yet they don’t
They leave you all on your own
Begging for mercy at the throne of the poster stand

From barbarity to decadence at incredible speed
Skip the whole state of civilization to suit current needs
Such a marvellous scientific study, it’s such a relief
‘Cause it proves what I’ve known all along:
That everyone — else — is a hypocrite

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