Andrea Pellegrini & Tanja Zapolski – Dead Horses on a Beach (Composed by Martin Hall) (2012)

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“Dead Horses on a Beach” is taken from the album IF POWER ASKS WHY released in October 2012, a series of new Martin Hall songs recorded by mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini and classical pianist Tanja Zapolski. The piano and string arrangement on the recording is written by Alexander Zapolski. The video is made by the Danish photographer Robin Skjoldborg, produced by Martin Hall and edited by Henrik Möll. Special thanks to Shoshan and The Court Theatre.

The album will be performed live by Andrea Pellegrini and Tanja Zapolski accompanied by the classical ensemble Lydenskab at two Danish theatres during November and December 2012 — at the Katapult Theatre in Aarhus on Saturday the 3rd of November and at the Teater Grob in Copenhagen on Saturday the 15th of December.

You’ll be able to find more information about the project here:

English text: ‪
Danish version: ‪

“Life doesn’t cease to amuse just because people die or get crippled, neither it stops being sad just because someone laughs.”

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